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Shenzhen Fashion Luminous Technology Co.,Ltd
Merchants Manual


The new research report of ABI Research of USA shows that, the total qty of intelligent wearable devices will be 30 billion units in 2020, and sales amount of intelligent wearable devices will be 70 million dollars in 2017.
The intelligent wearable device will be an arisen important market of the world. The intelligent luminous home textile and intelligent luminous clothing which R&D and made by our company, is the segment market of the intelligent wearable market, it is a brand new sunrise industry.


Market advantage: New products, New Industry, New Market.
Competition advantage: Few companies of this product in the world, almost no competitors.
Investment advantage: Less investment cost, but continuous growing and enlarging market.
Profit advantage: Mature profit model, standardization system operation, annual profit will be 10 times even 100 times than the investment cost.


Agent mode support:Flexible agent modes, we will provide two agent modes, one is sole agent in specified area, another is global sole agent of specified product. We will do our best to protect the benefit of our agents and let our agents be rest assured to earn big money.
Price support:Providing our agents with specified agent prices with very huge profit.
Marketing guidance support:Assist agents in exploiting the market, developing the on-line marketing, establishing the team, making sales policy etc. guidance.
Technical service support:Providing test reports, certificates, product technical training, after-sales service support etc., we will do our best to have no worried issues for agents.


Company or person which/who has certain business and economic ability and sales channels.

Company or person which/who has concept of innovation and sustainable development.


Company or person which/who is interested in agency could contact with us through telephone or email.

Fill in “Agency Application Form”, know more about each other, reach an initial cooperation intention.
Sign the “Agency Agreement”, sign agreement after reaching a consensus by both parties.
Start the professional training and business cooperation.

Win-Win Cooperation

This is a new segment market,we sincerely hope to cooperation with you. As You have the strategic insight and good resources,Lets expand the market together with both advantage.
Online Retailing